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Travels Beyond & Behind provides tips & reflections to help travellers go behind the guidebooks & headlines to bring new perspectives on their travel destinations by linking good research to good travel.

Christopher Grinbergs

My name’s Christopher Grinbergs and I currently live in Paris.  This blogs brings together various aspects of my professional life: following a degree in French, I trained as a journalist before moving in to Higher Education.  I’ve worked on and researched international projects with my PhD (July 2016) looking at European Higher Education Policy and how the EU uses its fund to build influence & networks.  I’ve therefore travelled throughout my studies and professional life; I am currently looking to tour around all 47 countries in Europe but have only got to 28, so far.

Using my own travels and experiences as a starting point, I’ll highlight research which helped me understand the countries I’ve visited and give some practical tips, too.  It’ll come from a European perspective and provide recommendations, particularly if you’re culturally/politically aware and looking for insights.  I believe that when we are better informed, beyond the cliches of guidebooks, we get more out of our travels.  I’ll use this blog to highlight research which helped me understand the countries I’ve visited in longer Travel Reflections and give some shorter, practical Travel Tips, too.

In some sections there are links to Booking.com for accommodation tips I’ve made and to Amazon for tips to do with books, music & other items which helped enhance my travels.  If you chose to book or buy any of these recommendations, do consider using these links as they include a slight income for me at no cost to you which helps towards the running costs of this blog.

Finally,  do do get in touch through leaving a comment on a post or using the below form.  You can also sign up to receive email updates when I publish a new post.  For ongoing pictures or updates, visit my twitterinstagram or the facebook group.